'Grand China Sports' company donates 200 bicycles

2018-02-13 14:21:28
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A memorandum of cooperation has been signed between the Mongolian physical culture and sports associations and People's Republic of China's sports associations.
The signing ceremony was held on Friday at the 'Urguu' conference hall of the Ulaanbaatar hotel where the Director of Physical Culture and Sports Commitee of Mongolia, Ts.Sharavjamts, the head of PRC's General Physical Culture and Sports association and President of 'Grand China sports' company, Hou Da Wei, the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Business Council of Tianjin, Ma Guan Jun, the Chairman of Mongolian Paralympic Committee, Kh.Surenkhorloo, the Secretary General of Mongolian Cycling Federation, Z.Naran, The Head of Mongolia's Ultra Marathon Association, S.Unurbayar, The Head of Ulaanbaatar city's Public Physical Culture and Sports Association A.Boldmaa signed the memorandum.

According to the document, several international sports tournaments and competitions will be hosted in Mongolia such as Sports Festival for Children with Disabilities,  Mongolia and Chinese Joint International Golf Tournament, 'Chinggisiin zam' , 'Uzesgelent Ulaanbaatar-2018' marathon contests and International Bicycling  Rally from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing.
In support of the events Chinese sports associations and companies will donate 200 bikes to the Mongolian Cycling Federation and 500 knee and elbow protection kits to the Mongolian Ultra Marathon Federation. Besides, the Chinese side will provide the sports clothes for children with disabilities to run in race competition that is scheduled on Children's Day.
Last year, China's sporting goods manufacturer, the Grand China sports company provided a set of sports equipments to the Mongolian Basketball Association and Mongolian Table Tennis Association, and also sponsored the first 'Uzesgelent Ulaanbaatar-2017' marathon competition.