MONTSAME and TASS news agencies to broaden cooperation

2019-04-15 16:00:32

Moscow /MONTSAME/ Director of the MONTSAME, national news agency B.Ganchimeg visited the Russian Federation on April 1-5 at the invitation of TASS news agency. Director B.Ganchimeg met First Deputy Directors General of TASS agency M.V.Kalmykov and Director in charge of foreign relations O.I.Ostrovidov and other officials, exchanging views on cooperation between the news agencies of the two countries.

"TASS agency has not appointed its reporter in Mongolia for a long time. Mongolia’s economy and history and culture and tourism sectors draw big attention not only of Russia but also other countries. For that reason, we have been discussing to appoint our official reporter to Mongolia within this year. I hope that information flow comes from Mongolia would be increased further," said First Deputy Directors General M.V.Kalmykov.  

In her turn Ms. B.Ganchimeg said “Our agency closely cooperates with the embassies in Mongolia, especially with the Russian Embassy. In particular, winners of an essay competition named after Novosty Mongolii newspaper were selected in partnership with the Russian Embassy a few days ago. We are happy with awarding the winner of the competition with the right to study in Russian university with scholarship.”  

Congratulating TASS agency on sending its official reporter to Mongolia, Ms. B.Ganchimeg noted that MONTSAME news agency will support TASS correspondent, mentioning the agency's constant cooperation with foreign news agencies' reporters working in Mongolia.

The MONTSAME and TASS news agencies have been cooperating in media sector for over 60 years and the sides renewed cooperation agreement in 2013. Authorities of the agencies agreed that there is a necessity to actively broaden cooperation by upgrading the cooperation agreement and holding international conferences and media tours of the reporters of the two countries.