Damaged Duut Rock Inscription restored

Art & Culture
2020-06-23 15:24:09

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Recently, the Duut Rock Inscription or known as Tsogtiin Khadnii Bichig (Rock Inscription of Tsogt Prince) located near the Mountain Tuvkhun in Delgerkhaan soum of Tuv aimag was found to be damaged from splashes of milk and oil, and more than 70 percent of the inscriptions had been darkened as a result. The inscriptions on the rock, which has been under state protection since 1971, date back to 380 years ago and have been preserved until today. 

Therefore, a team of professional conservator-restorers from the National Center for Cultural Heritage has worked at the cultural heritage site to remove and clean the dirt and stains on the Duut Rock. The rock inscriptions have been renovated by the team using treatment and preservation methods based on various laboratory studies. 

The Duut Rock has a 30-line poem inscribed on it by Daichin Khia and Guyin Baatar in 1624 by an order from Tumenkhan Tsogt Taij, a nobleman of the Khalkha Mongol of the XVI century. The rock assumed its name Duut Khad (singing rock) as it has a deep root under the surface of the ground and it produces a sound when it is hit. 

Those who are responsible for the damage of the cultural heritage artifact still have not been found. 

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