Mongolian Center for Book Culture calls on donors to take part in the “Colors of Ulaanbaatar” project

2020-06-26 16:25:35

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. “Mongolian Center for Book Culture” encourages kind people and companies to lend a helping hand in bettering the quality of children’s content for Mongolian children by donation or technical assistance.


Mongolian Center for Book Culture (MCBC) is a non-governmental organization and is exclusively focused on readers, books and cultural events. Our mission is to promote different cultures all around the world with a book and make better understanding among them. With that in mind, Mongolian Center for Book Culture non-profit organization in partnership with NepkoKids and Silk Road Foundation organized one of Mongolia’s first children’s book contests called Colors of Ulaanbaatar 2019 with guidance of privileged international children’s book experts as judges.


Quality children’s books with good messages, engaging illustrations that flow and move along with the content and stories that are a mixture of contemporary and traditional ideas and values were born from Colors of Ulaanbaatar 2019. Mongolians created stories that encourage a free, creative flow of child’s mind (for example Strange Thoughts written by 12-year-old Tsogtkhun Munkh-Orgil) shattering the box of frigid old (soviet) writing style of older artists. The biggest success was that award winning books had several offers from international publishers as they were able to compete with foreign books. We hope that our books can not only compete with foreign books, but also with glossy screens with the help of parents.


This year, ‘Colors of Ulaanbaatar 2020’ contest will be organized from 15th May to 16th December using an online platform. We believe our contest will help both adults and children spend their quarantine time in a creative way and it will be a great opportunity for them to learn and grow. Furthermore, the contest enables creation of contemporary Mongolian picture story books by local artists who will grow to become professional and well known authors and illustrators in the future, representing Mongolian literature at home and abroad.


We encourage people of all ages to create local children’s contents of high quality with the assistance of an experienced international team of editors.


Currently we have local and international supporters and sponsors including the World Bank in Mongolia, Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair and IBBY (International Board on Books for Young people) and local media outlets such as Montsame Agency. However, we are facing financial challenges to fund activities of the project. We are seeking financial and technical support from local and international donors to support our mission to spread love of reading and writing, give children and adults the opportunity to educate and develop their passion for creating inspiring stories for Mongolian children.


Your support will be key in successfully organizing this project and make it even more visible.

 To apply for a donation and assistance please send us an e-mail to