Mongolian parliament opens its regular session with busy agenda

2020-10-01 15:28:15
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A regular session of autumn 2020 of the Mongolian Parliament – State Great Khural opened today, October 1, 2020. 

A total of 112 items concerning various areas of the economy and society are on the agenda of the first regular session of the eighth parliament, formed as a result of the latest legislative election of the country, including draft amendments to around 40 laws awaiting to be approved in line with the amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia, which entered into force in May 2020.

Other important bills to be considered at this session are the general government budget for the next year, which is due for approval before October 15, as well as bills on Court, Territorial Administration, Legal Status of Cities and Towns and the Capital city. Moreover, several unfinished bills and draft resolutions when the previous or seventh parliament of Mongolia rose for the last time are placed on the agenda. 

In his opening remarks at today’s meeting of the regular session, Parliament Speaker G.Zandanshatar delivered remarks and underscored that the current parliament has approved the government’s action plan for 2020-2024 and five-year general guidelines for the development of Mongolia at its extraordinary session convened in August, striving to lead the country’s society and economy to new path of development and improving the people’s livelihood and income. 

Speaker continued that this session will take the recently-approved strategy on reducing loan interest rates under consideration when reviewing the state monetary policy and state budget for 2021, and noted that the interest loan rate has been lowered by 1 percent since the parliament’s approval of the strategy. He further stressed that the loan interest rate will be reduced by at least 1 percent each year and that the parliament and the government are working to lower the interest rate on mortgage loan down to 6 percent within the framework of the policy to lower interest rates. 

Speaker Zandanshatar also mentioned in his address that the current autumn session is coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of a permanent parliamentary system in the country. In the scope of the anniversary, several measures are on the plan of the State Great Khural, to review its past three decades, identify its goals in the future 30 years, organize academic conferences, promote the Constitutions and the fundamental principles of parliament and transition into e-parliament system.