Ard Financial Group adds Mongolian Securities Exchange to its portfolio

2021-04-29 13:59:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Ard Financial Group JSC (Ard) and its subsidiary Ard X LLC (DAX) have invested in and started a strategic partnership with the Mongolian Securities Exchange. This partnership opens the door for the development of the stock market and non-bank financial sector in Mongolia. 

Ganhuyag, Ard's CEO, said: "The stock market has been developing in Mongolia for 30 years. With its mission to Build the Investor Nation, Ard and its affiliated public companies have played a crucial role in developing the stock market. We believe that the new Securities Exchange and our experience in this field will bring the Mongolian stock market to the international players. To do this, we have a lot of work to do, such as creating a modern online system and building a strong team. By the way, I would like to call on all securities companies to work together for the development of the stock market."

The Mongolian Securities Exchange (MSX), was established on May 1, 2015, is a regulated securities exchange operating in Mongolia. Under the motto "Move Every Asset," it aims to help develop the Mongolian financial market by introducing world-class exchange services.

The Mongolian Securities Exchange is regulated by the Law on Securities Market, the regulations approved by the Financial Regulatory Commission within the framework of this law, the license to conduct trading and settlement activities in the securities market, and the main operating procedures of the Mongolian Stock Exchange

DAX is part of Ard Financial Group, a digital assets exchange, which started operating on December 14. It offers digital exchange services according to the standards of international crypto platforms and facilitates cryptocurrency trading. Since its inception, a total of 860,000 customers have traded over MNT 1 trillion worth of assets on the Exchange. It aims to expand its operations internationally. 

Ard Financial Group is a diversified financial services holding company with the overarching goal of increasing its shareholders’ equity through investing in and developing leading financial services and technology companies. Our investment portfolio consists of companies such as Ard Insurance, Ard Credit, Ard Securities, Ard Life, Ard Assets, Ard Management, Ard Bit, TenGer Systems, MEC Partners (, Mongol Post, Ard Holdings International, Ard Leasing, Ard Properties and Ard Realty. Ard App, Ard Fintech, ArdCoin, Ard Cash, ArdMoney, CryptoNation and Ard Digital Bazaar are proprietary digital products based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Companies in Ard Financial Group’s portfolio that are also listed on the MSE: MSE: AARD (03260) Ard Financial Group (formerly Jinst Uvs/Investor Nation), MSE: AIC (05480) Ard Insurance, MSE: ADB (05509) Ard Credit, MSE: MNP (05412) Mongol Post and MSE: XOC (4001) National Privatization Fund. 


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