Mongolians abroad vote for presidential election

2021-06-02 13:00:30

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On May 30 and 31, Mongolian citizen voters residing in foreign countries cast their ballot for the Mongolian presidential election ahead of the polling day inside the country. 

The overseas early voting was organized, in compliance with the law on presidential election, by a central election commission established by the General Election Commission of Mongolia and branch commissions at a total of 44 Mongolian embassies, resident missions and consulates. 

The early voting for the 2021 presidential election continued for two days at the 44 diplomatic missions of Mongolia in 30 countries around the world. A total of 7,394 were registered in advance to vote for the election and 76 percent of them or 5,618 people cast their votes. Polling stations with the most number of voters include the poling place in Seoul (753 voters cast ballot), Tokyo (719 voters), Canberra (532) and Washington (467). 

In the 2017 presidential election four years ago, a total of 4,767 people, which is 66.3 percent out of 7,209 people registered in advance to vote, have cast their ballot. 

The General Election Commission will conduct counting on the ballots submitted by the overseas Mongolians together with the in-country election day ballots on June 9 under official election observers and media. 

The GEC has thanked all Mongolian in foreign countries who took the time to vote for the election despite the unusual situation posed by the pandemic. 

Mongolians inside the home country are scheduled to vote on June 9, Wednesday. Three candidates - U. Khurelsukh from the Mongolian People’s Party, S. Erdene from the Democratic Party and D. Enkhbat from the Right Person Electorate Coalition - are vying for the presidency. 

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