Digital archiving emphasized at "New Revival - Digital Archive" conference

2022-11-18 15:39:28

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The first archive and file clerks conference on the theme of "New Revival - Digital Archive" was held yesterday at the Government Palace under the auspices of the President of Mongolia, U. Khurelsukh.

President U. Khurelsukh pointed out in his opening remarks that preserving the original material of the archivists who have inherited the memory of the Mongolian state for 800 years had a beginning source that dated back to the time of Emperor Chinggis Khaan. He continued emphasizing that modern archives and record-keeping have been handed down since the People's Revolution in 1921.

He further said, "In the past, the legal setting and entire system of archiving and records filing were formed, and now we have reached the era of digital archives due to the active initiative and practical participation of generations of archivists. Therefore, the conference will be held regularly every 4 years to stimulate archivists' activities.

The following issues should be paid special attention to accelerate the sector's development. Herein:

First, special attention should be paid to searching and locating national historical documents stored in foreign countries, bringing them back to the country, and restoring them.

Second, to study introducing the good practices of other countries with modern technology and innovation, to bring archive activities to the digital level, and to carry the heritage and documents stored in archives into social, economic, and research circulation.

Third, to enrich the archives with a new treasury to preserve historical events, voices of historical people, and documents.

Fourth, it is necessary to consider having training for archivists, gradually increasing their salaries, and improving their knowledge of foreign and source languages. In addition to the importance of government policy, we need your active participation and innovation.

More than 500 employees participated in the conference which aimed to modify past lessons and future archives and record-keeping activities.