"Educational Transformation in Mongolia" National Forum Starts

2024-03-04 19:24:08

Ulaanbaatar, 2024 March 4 /MONTSAME/ “Educational Transformation in Mongolia 2024” National Forum started in Central Cultural Palace today.

Due to rapid development in science and technology, social, economic, and environmental changes, and unpredictable rapid changing trends, the world is paying attention to 21st century new capacity development, within the framework of all-stages education, starting from preschool to lifelong education.

“Educational Transformation in Mongolia 2024” National Forum discusses the changes in the following areas:

- Curriculum

- Education management and organization

- Education evaluation and monitoring

-Training environment and tools

- Human resource

 At the Forum, Minister of Education and Science of Mongolia Enkh-Amgalan Luvsantseren made a speech, highlighting the aim of the legal reform in the education sector approved in 2023, which is developing “World Mongolian.”

The Minister underscored educational changes and reforms taking place to reach the goal, including:

1. More equal, humane education ensuring education for everyone;

2. Eliminating the urban and rural education differences – The best school is the one close to home.

3. Allowing students to study independently instead of too much subjects, and academic content - Preparing for life rather than exams, encouraging every success and progress.

4. Achieving quality education through teachers’ development– More financing to good teachers

5. Financing for student’s success, and teachers’ development, not for institute or building

6. Provide an opportunity to develop no matter where you live, and study – digital education reforms have started.  

Are we ready for the Industrial 4th revolution, 21st century Revolution, and technological rapid changes? Are the schools, and teachers ready? What do we need to transform in education in order to develop the Mongolian, who adapted to the changes? The answers to all these questions are fundamentals of the education transformation. As a result of this Forum, these questions are anticipated to be answered.