International Day of Artists celebrated for the second year

2019-04-04 16:31:45

On April 3, Mongolia celebrated the International Day of Artists for the second year, hosting honoring ceremony and reception.

Artists create art for the sake of the humanity, giving the joy, love, happiness and realization. Their contribution to the society is immeasurable. Thus, the renowned spiritual teacher, artist and humanitarian Ching Hai announced the April 3 as the International Artists Day to honor and cherish all the artists.


Synch: D.Enkhbat, event organizer “It is the day to honor all the artists who bring joy and happiness to the life, pay respect to the previous generation of artists and express gratitude to them. Essential parts of today’s event are the exhibition by Master Ching Hai and concert of national artists, directed by Honored Cultural Figure Sukhbaatar.”

Some 500 national artists and more than 1000 artists from Russia, Japan, Sweden and China attended the honoring ceremony.

Synch: Honored Cultural Figure B.Dolgion “Thanks to the Supreme Master, we gather together and create positive atmosphere for artists. Until her initiative, we haven’t organized such events. She has the ability to warm up our hearts, comfort and tranquilize our minds.”

Synch: Foremost Cultural Worker T.Delgermurun “The singers, actors or dancers are not the only artists. Writers, painters, poets, literary scholars who carry the cultural heritage of Mongolia also arrived, showing the scope of the sector. Today we have connected to the Supreme Master Ching Hai. It is great that we are able to show the nobleness of Mongolian people to her.”

Master Ching Hai sent greetings to the artists and watched the concert online.