Respects paid by top state officials to the Monument for the Repressed

2020-09-10 15:39:08

In 1996, the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia made the decision to mark September 10th as the Day of Tribute to the Memory of the Victims of the Political Repression.

On the occasion, President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga along with Speaker of the State Great Khural G.Zandanshatar paid respect and laid wreaths to the Monument for the Repressed.

Members of Parliament and Cabinet, representatives of political parties, non-governmental organizations, and the crowd also paid tribute to the Monument.

According to the State Commission on Rehabilitation:

A total of 31,314 persecuted victims of political repression have been rehabilitated.

Total of 71.815 billion tugrugs were granted as compensation to 19,225 citizens, including grandchildren, siblings, nephews and nieces of the repressed.

There are a total of 229 objects on the national level dedicated to the memory of the victims of political repression, including organizations, avenues, squares, monuments, stupas, boards and memorial pillars.

Today was the 25th annual marking of the Day of Tribute to the Repressed.