Mongolia exports home-made ‘Aduu’ calcium

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2017-01-31 15:03:07

Mongolia has started exporting a home-made calcium preparation named ‘Aduu’ (literal meaning: horse) to the Republic of Korea and Japan. This is a brainchild of chemist D.Demberelnyambuu and product of ‘Monchemo’ LLC. 

Commonly used by domestic consumers as well, the calcium preparation is made of same ingredients and components for nutrition, a feature that ensures no side-effects for long-term take.

An experiment conducted on a mouse in collaboration with scientists from the Republic of Korea proved that the ‘Aduu’ preparation, composed of horse bone subdues osteoporosis. In order to strengthen bone hardness, the preparation is enriched with components including collagen, glucosamine, vitamins C, D3 and K, folic acid, copper, zinc and boron.

In recognition of his valuable contribution to Mongolian science, Dr. D.Demberelnyambuu was rewarded MNT 100 million by the Government of Mongolia.

Scientists found that horse has the strongest bone which is rich in organic substances, protein, collagen, growth hormones, micro elements and minerals. Though horse is 3-4 times heavier than human, its calcium intake is 30 times higher which means that horse bone has a high capacity to redevelop human bone cells.