Weather forecast until May 11

2017-05-05 17:04:50
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Rain and sleet are expected in western part of western aimags on May 7, some parts of western and central aimags on May 8, southern part of central region and in some parts of the Gobi on May 9, northern parts of central aimags and in some parts of eastern aimags on May 10.
Winds will get stronger in Altai Mountain range on May 7, in most regions on May 8, Altai Mountain range, the Gobi and steppes on May 9 and in some regions on may 10, reaching 14-16 m/sec and temporarily reaching 18-20 m/sec.
The temperatures will start rising. The nighttime temperature in the valley of Ider and Tes Rivers, Khuren belcher, the depression of Darkhad and in Khangai, Khuvsgul, Khentii Mountains will be 0-5 Celsius, and the daytijme, +15+20.
In the Gobi and the bank of Orkhon-Selenge, the nighttime temperature will be +7+12, and the daytime, +24+29.
In other regions, the nighttime temperature will be +3+8, and the daytime, +20+25 Celsius.
Temperatures will drop in western half of the country on May 8,  and in the eastern half on May 9.