January 31 events

2018-01-31 09:45:40
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The following events are expected on January 31:

08.30AM General consultation of Prosecutor Office officials takes place at the State General Prosecutor's Office of Mongolia.
09.30AM A discussion on "2018 REDD+ program plans and methodology of  forest management" at "Holiday Inn" hotel.
09.30AM The Constitutional Court discusses whether full rights of the commander-in-chief of the Mongolian Armed Forces violated the Constitution.
10.00AM A launching of 'Check my service' mobile application for receiving petitions and complaints from the  citizens to take place at the City service center "Dunjingarav".
10.00AM GASI provides information on inspections for the upcoming Lunar New Year's holiday.
13.00PM CMTU reports on current issues.
14.00PM Conference on 'Disability and Equality' at  the Holiday Inn hotel.
15.00PM Launch of books 'The White Book of Crimes in Mongolia-2016' and 'The crime prevention methodology' at the National Legal Institute.

In the State House
08.30AM- A ceremony of Mongolia's joining 'Safe and Disaster Proof City' initiative of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction at Local Administration Hall.
10.00AM-The "Standing Committee on State Structure" convenes at "B" hall.
10.00AM-The Standing Committee on Legal Affairs  convenes at "Lord Chinggis Khaan's" hall.
10.00AM-Members of the Standing Committee on Social Policy, Education, Culture and Sciences will meet  representatives of sports sector at "General D.Sukhbaatar's' hall.
11.00AM-Heads of the Democratic party reports on current issues.
11.30AM-Member of Parliament O.Baasankhuu reports on current issues.
14.00PM-The Standing Committee on Economics convenes at Chinggis Khaan's hall.
In the National Information Center
11.30AM-"Best energy saving" company introduces innovative technology for electric heaters.