March 6 events

2018-03-06 09:25:40
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Following events are expected on March 6. 
9.30 AM
: A seminar titled ‘Export and Import Opportunities at Free Zone and its Advantages’ is organized by the Zamiyn-Uud Free Zone Administration at the Bishrelt Hotel.

10 AM: A ceremony to hand over the certificates of newly inscribed UNESCO heritages is held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

10 AM: A consultation themed ‘Together for Road Traffic Safety’ is held by the Citizens’ Representative Khural of Khan-Uul district at the Corporate Convention Centre.

10 AM: A celebratory conference is held at the Puma Hotel on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of founding of journalism in Mongolia.

11 AM: The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Petitionary meets in the State House.

11 AM: The Public Council of the Independent Authority Against Corruption holds a press conference.

12 AM: Mongolian athletes who represented Mongolia at the 2018 Winter Olympics hold a press conference at the Central Sports Palace.

2 PM: A discussion themed ‘Green Economy’ is held at the Tuushin Hotel.

3 PM: The Scientists Council of Tuv aimag holds a policy discussion themed ‘Development Model – Tuv aimag’ at the National Development Agency.

3 PM: The launch of a project to deliver ‘World History’ documentary series to Mongolians is held at the Mongolian National Broadcaster.