Mongolian memory athletes lead the world rating

2017-12-06 15:55:20

Mongolia shows an absolute triumph as four Mongolian memory athletes are ranked in the first ten among over 4000 athletes in the world.

At the World Memory Championship 2017 organized by  IAM (International Association of Memory) in Jakarta last week, Mongolia’s national team grabbed 57 medals out of 90 in total  in kids, junior and adult categories, taking  22 531 points in total.

Mongolian team re-set 7 world records and six memory athletes are qualified to be international grandmaster. Mongolian memory athletes participated successfully in mental sports contests in the USA, Sweden, China, Turkey, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, UK, Singapore, S.Korea and Indonesia and won 742 medals so far.

Four female athletes of Mongolian Intellectual Academy are now participating in 2017 World Memory Championships in Shenzhen city, China that starts today. This championship has a prize fund of USD 100.000. International grandmasters from Mongolia are competing with best athletes including Chinese who selected from 60 thousand athletes.

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