Mongolian Brand-‘DarkhanNekhii’

2017-12-08 15:55:37

A water-resistant leather created by the Product Development Unit of ‘Darkhan Nekhii’ company is one of its best technological achievements. It was interesting to see fishes in leather aquariums in the office rooms of the company. Animal leather has good quality that it circulates air while being water resistant. 


‘Darkhan Nekhii’ Joint Stock Company (JSC), the leading leather processing manufacturer  in Mongolia has been operating for over 45 years. The company offers leather crusts and wet blue leathers of sheep, goat, cow, yak and furs, along with producing over 100 different types of products, including leather and fur garments, leather bags, special-use clothes, hats and others. 


Darkhan Nekhii JSC has branches such as ‘Nekhii tannery’, ‘Darkhan tannery’, ‘Nekhii yak’, ‘Nekhii garment’, ‘Yak trade’, ‘Usukh nekhii’ factories.  The company is an official distributor of “Cromogenia Units” company, Spanish leather chemicals manufacturer and imports chemicals from Spain and Russia.


1000 cow hides are tanned daily in the factory or 300 thousand in a year to produce crusts, jet blue leathers, double-face leathers and finished leathers for shoes and bags, along with tanning 1.5 million pieces of sheepskin and goatskin to produce leather garments. 


The factory also processes 200 thousand pieces of lambskin, kidskin, rabbit skin and furs per year, producing fur collars, lining and fur hides. The sewing factory produces 500 thousand pieces of sheepskin and goatskin coats and leather garments annually. 


The shoe factory produces some 500 thousand pairs of winter and spring/autumn shoes per year. 

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