Ganjuur and Danjuur scriptures presented to University library

2017-12-11 12:18:41

130 tomes of Ganjuur (also known as Kanjur) and Danjuur (Tanjur) scriptures were presented to the  library of Mongolian National University of Education (MNUE) on December 8.

Tsogt Nomiin Khurden NGO or Kalachakra Culture Center has been transcribing 108 volume ‘Kanjur’ and 225 volume ‘Tanjur’ from Mongolian national script into cyrillic script since 2010. Now they completed transcription of 270 volumes out of 400 volumes in total and printed 130 volumes of them.

108 volume Ganjuur sutra is comprised of 1161 manuscripts, teachings of Buddha on human kind, relevance of things and phenomenon, how to understand natural order of universe and  reach high level of spiritual development following right way.

225 volume Danjuur is a collection of commentaries to the Buddha teachings by Indian  scholars who studied Ganjuur,.

Ganjuur and Danjuur are not only the biggest scripture of human kind but also it is a scientific repertory. 

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