Mongolia to evacuate its citizens from Wuhan by air, awaiting permission from China

2020-01-27 18:38:13

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Concerning the outbreak of coronavirus, the government of Mongolia has decided to close all schools and universities and suspend public activities until March 02. 

Today, January 27, the Ministry of Health of Mongolia and World Health Organization in Mongolia held a press briefing to deliver updates on the situation around the coronavirus. 

A total of 250 Mongolian students study in Wuhan city of China and currently, there are 31 students staying in the quarantine zone as the others had already left Wuhan. The officials from the Health Ministry reported that it is expected to evacuate the students in the quarantine zone by airplane with the agreement of Chinese authorities.

All corresponding organizations, including the Center of Communicable Diseases, Health and Road Ministries, MIAT Mongolian Airlines are prepared to repatriate them as Mongolia is awaiting permission from China, as of January 27 today.  

Once they return home, the students will be isolated at the Research Center of Communicable Diseases in Ulaanbaatar city to go under screening for coronavirus, not allowing any contact with their families and relatives.