Mongolia suspends all passenger trains and flights to and from China

2020-02-13 18:12:01

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The cabinet today summoned an irregular meeting and made a decision to halt all flights and rail passenger services to and from China. The decision will take effect on February 14, tomorrow. The last flight from China to Mongolia is scheduled today. 

However, export and import shipments across Mongolia’s borders with China will continue as normal. 

For passengers who have already purchased tickets to and from China, MIAT Mongolian Airlines and Ulaanbaatar Railway will handle their refund free of charge.

In accordance with the government resolution dated 01 February 2020, Mongolian citizens are restricted from traveling to China until March 02. 

Over the past two weeks, a total of around 6000 Mongolian nationals returned from China through all border crossing points, and since February 06, through Zamiin-Uud and Buyant-Ukhaa ports of entry. 

In the case of Mongolian nationals living in China are in need of returning to Mongolia after the complete travel ban imposed, charter flights may be arranged. However, they will be asked to cover their own travel expenses and will be isolated temporarily once they arrive in Mongolia.