Substandard or unauthorized outdoor advertising signs to be removed

2020-04-06 16:21:02

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Last week, Specialized Inspection Agency informed that there are 379 buildings and structures with potential dangers to the residents in Ulaanbaatar city. Upon an order of Ulaanbaatar city Mayor, a working team conducted an inspection in nine districts of Ulaanbaatar city to locate structures that could cause harm to public health safety and found safety defects on 379 structures and their surrounding areas. 

Official notices requiring to eliminate the hazards in line with standards and guidelines until May 1 were delivered to the occupants and tenants of the structures. The enterprises and organizations failing to correct the violations within the time period prescribed would face fines and their operations will be suspended. 

Moreover, in connection with 2020 was announced to be a year of ‘One city – One Standard’ in Ulaanbaatar city, inspections are being carried out in central six districts of the capital city to check the fulfillment of standards and requirements on street billboard or outdoor advertising signs.

Any advertising signs that are found to have no permit issued, be defective or dangerous, impede vision, endanger the public safety or do not satisfy other standards will be taken down. In addition, relevant requirements and standards on street billboard advertising signs in effect will be introduced and promoted widely to the public.