Endline Public Perception Survey for Mining, Communities, Water Management Project by IFC Mongolia underway

2021-06-22 16:08:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM) is conducting “Endline Public Perception Survey for IFC Mongolia Mining, Communities & Water Management Project” commissioned by International Finance Corporation (IFC).

In 2013, IRIM implemented a baseline survey among the communities in the South Gobi region to understand the following issues: access to water, use of water and opinions on mining and water management. From 2014 to 2018, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) implemented project aimed to increasing the participation of mining companies in local water management and improving local people's understanding and attitudes towards water.

In this endline perception survey, representatives of 15 soums in South Gobi region will participate to identify the impact of the project, to determine the progress made by mining companies in fulfilling their commitments to protect water and to assess improvements of local community perception of the mining impact on water management. In quantitative research, 1,067 people of South Gobi region will involve, and will be conducted with local Environmental specialists and representatives of mining companies.

Objectives are to conduct representative population survey of all fifteen soums in the SG region to assess local peoples’ perception of the mining industry’s impact on the local water supply, compared with the results of the 2013 community perceptions survey to assess any changes and/or improvements in community perceptions of the mining industry’s impact on the local water supply and identify whether there are any changes in community perceptions IFC project activities (training, mine site visits, etc.), mining company actions (e.g. community outreach and engagement) and/or government initiatives.

Source: The Independent Research Institute of Mongolia