Mongolia and Singapore to cooperate in digital development

2022-07-07 17:35:04

Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene met with Minister of Communications and Information and Minister-in-charge of the Cyber Security Agency and Smart Nation Initiative of the Republic of Singapore Josephine Teo today.

While emphasizing the crucial role of the internet and information technology in the development of the rapidly evolving world, the Prime Minister introduced the Government of Mongolia’s goal of becoming a digital nation, as well as the works that are underway to achieve this goal.

“The Government of Mongolia made changes to its structure, establishing the Ministry of Communications and Digital Development. Information technology is one of the six priority sectors reflected in Mongolia’s long-term development policy, ‘Vision-2050’. By introducing good practices of the leading countries in the industry, the Government is aiming to implement the ‘Digital City’ project”, said the Prime Minister.

Ideas were exchanged on cooperation with Singapore in the directions such as introducing Singapore's good practices in Mongolia, making reforms to civil service based on the digital transition, improving digital governance, strengthening the communications sector, and ensuring cyber security.

The sides agreed to intensify the cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and Digital Development of Mongolia and the Ministry of Communications and Information of Singapore and to cooperate in future joint projects and programs, and in the fields of innovation, digital development, and information technology.

“Over the years, the experiences of many countries have been studied in increasing the productivity of the public sector, urban planning and solving traffic congestion”, said the Minister, while expressing readiness to share its good practices in this regard.

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