President Issues Decree on Restoring Mongolia’s Ancient Capital

2022-12-30 00:14:43

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On the occasion of the 111th Anniversary of the Victory of the National Liberation Movement and the Restoration of Independence of Mongolia, President of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh issued a decree, instructing the Government of Mongolia to restore the ancient capital of the Great Mongol Empire, Kharkhorum.

The purpose of the decree is to create healthy and safe living conditions for citizens, improve accessibility to basic social services, decentralize the population, ensure a balanced development of the regions, promote the valuable heritage of the state and restore its history and culture.

In accordance with the decree, the issue of establishing the Kharkhorum city in the Orkhon Valley will be studied, a master plan for the development of the city will be developed and a necessary legal framework will be created.

The President called upon the citizens and enterprises to take a leading role in protecting the valuable heritages of the Orkhon Valley, a UNESCO registered World Heritage site, and restoring the ancient capital of the Great Mongol Empire.

Kharkhorum was the capital city of the Great Mongol Empire in the 13th century. Under Uguudei Khaan, Chinggis Khaan’s son, and his successors, Kharkhorum became a major site for world politics.

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