Ibex Introduced in Bulgan Mountain

2023-06-21 15:26:38

Ulaanbaatar, June 21, 2023 /MONTSAME/. On the eve of the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of Arkhangai aimag, a group of natives initiated the introduction of ibex to Bulgan Mountain in collaboration with teachers, scientists and researchers of the Mongolian University of Life Sciences.

Today in the morning, two male and eight female ibexes along with one kid were placed in Bulgan Mountain. Although ibexes arrived in a new environment, they vigorously jumped up to the rocky slopes of Bulgan Mountain as if they had come their own land.

Since the mass introduction of wild ibex was organized in Bogdkhan Mountain (southern mountain range of Ulaanbaatar) in 1985, this is the first time in the local area and the second time nationwide that the introduction of numerous ibexes is underway.

They plan to continue the introduction of ibex in Bulgan Mountain for the next four years, bringing ten ibexes every year for breeding purposes.

Locator tags are attached to the necks of the ibexes. Local administration will employ two rangers to monitor them, prevent from chasing, and take measures such as a temporary ban on climbing Mount Bulgan and lighting candles there.