Sengesamdan Ulziikhutag Won the "Super Brain" Show

2024-03-28 10:11:47

Ulaanbaatar, March 28, 2024 /MONTSAME/. Sengesamdan Ulziikhutag, Head Teacher of the Mongolian Intellectual Academy, International Grand Master of Memory, Asian Memory Champion, and Coach of the Mongolian team, emerged victorious in the popular TV show “Super Brain” in the People’s Republic of China. His opponent was Guo Feirong, who had previously defeated the 11-time Super Brain Champion, three-time All-China Champion Zhang Xinrong, and the 2023 World Champion Huang Jin Yao.

Sengesamdan was declared the winner of this show by completing the given task in 13 minutes without any mistakes. His opponent completed the task seven minutes later than the Mongolian athlete.

After winning, Sengesamdan said, "My main goal was to surpass my own limits, maintain control, and focus." His opponent, Guo Feirong, said, "Sengesamdan was really great. I knew he was good. I took a long time but I tried not to make any mistakes,” she said.