Donating blood promotes healthy lifestyle

2016-06-15 12:05:05

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolia observed the World Blood Donor Day on June 14 with a moto “Let’s gift blood to save others”. The annual day-event was organized at the yard of the Independence Palace, with the support of the National Blood Donor Center, JCI Mongolia, Red Cross Committee of Sukhbaatar District, Oyu Tolgoi LLC and UFC Group.

Importance of celebrating the World Blood Donor Days is raising awareness of how blood donation is significant in saving lives and helping those in need, and encouraging more people to donate their blood, thus, accumulating sufficient supply of blood for domestic needs.

The volunteer blood donor have become role models of healthy living, as their health is regularly maintained in good condition in order to be able to donate blood, say doctors.

Blood is an irreplaceable and priceless medical instrument in cases of childbirth difficulties, accidents, major surgeries and cancer treatments. According to an estimation, 3% of all human population must donate blood voluntarily in order to meet total demand of blood. However, only 1% of population is giving blood in more than 70 countries.

As of 2010, some 70,000 blood donors were registered, and the number has been constantly growing in the past five years. Although the figure indicates a decent amount of donors, only 20,000 people donate blood on regular basis, which is not enough performance considering the high rate of illness in Mongolia. The good news is that, year by year, the scope of supporters for blood donation is expanding with more participants from government and non-government organizations, as well as national and foreign investors.