Largest-ever group of volunteers worked throughout 2016 ASEM events

2016-07-16 18:13:46

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Over 1,100 volunteers have assisted in the organizing of the 11th ASEM Summit and its side events, held in Ulaanbaatar between March and July of 2016. Among them were 545 volunteers who can speak English, 113 - Russian, 36 - Chinese, 26 - German, 64 - Korean, 52 - Japanese, 17 Turkish and 11 volunteers, speaking other languages including French, Hungarian, Polish, Italian and Spanish.

The organizing group chose 1,100 volunteers out of the total 1,500 applicants.

Volunteers have been divided in groups of ten and fifty, each of which has a leader selected by their own. This kind of organizing system was used in the Chinggis Khaan's Army back in the 13th century.

The international media center at Shangri La Mall had 102 volunteers helping out the national and international media representatives, and another hundred worked at Chingisiin Khuree resort for organizing of Naadam of Nomads (ASEM Naadam), as well as 402 volunteers -- in the 38 partnering hotels.

Volunteers were young people aged 16-35, including students studying some 50 different majors respectively in Mongolia and in foreign countries, some of whom arrived home just to volunteer in the ASEM Summit.

The 2016 ASEM events, chaired by Mongolia, are the one which included the largest number of volunteers in the history of Mongolia, and are the first-ever ASEM actions to utilize volunteers' capacity in the organizing.

A team of excellently trained Mongolian volunteers have been established thanks to the hosting of ASEM, and the team intends to increase frequency of volunteering activities in the country, informs the organizing group of ASEM at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.