Mongolists celebrating 90th jubilee of Roerich’s “Shambala Quest”

2016-08-17 17:44:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In the margin of the 11th International Congress of Mongolists, taking place in Ulaanbaatar on August 15-18, the Mongol studies’ scholars along with historians and Roerichs Society members are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Central Asian Expedition of Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh (a.k.a Nicholas Roerich), in quest of Shambala.

He lived on the “Hilltop of Consul” of Ulaanbaatar for eight months, completing some extraordinary paintings and books, in the small wooden building of the Russian Consulate to Mongolia, which is now the “Roerichs Shambala Museum”.

Peace flags, designed by the Roerichs, symbolizing harmony of Heaven, Earth and Humanity

Later, his son Yuri Nikolaevich Rerikh (George de Roerich) have laid the foundation stone of the global Mongolian studies in the 1950s.

At today’s (August 17) event, a disciple of the Roerichs and the Labor Hero (title) and State Honored Academician of Mongolia Sh.Bira gave the opening address and handed gratitude acknowledgements to the dignified figures, who have made valuable contributions to the growth of Mongolian studies.

These dignitaries were, Austrian scholar Christoph von Gierke, Director of the Saint Petersburg State Museum of the Roerichs Aleksei Bondarenko, painter and sculptor P.Norovsambuu and the international award-winning guitarist Alexander Saga. 

Sh.Bira giving opening address to 90th jubilee celebration
Mongolian and Austrian scholars

The Roerichs Shambala Museum is fully operational and open for visitors, with 5,000 MNT fee to enter. The place offers great insight to Roerichs' unique paintings, his working room and many other exhibitions related to the Father Roerich's expedition in Mongolia and his son's further studies on Mongolia.