Second protest against smog to take place

2017-01-23 17:30:57

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On January 28, protest against heavy air pollution and smog will take place for the second time on the central square of the capital.

On December 26, “Anti-Smog Union of Fathers and Mothers” non-governmental organization organized their first protest against smog, submitting various demands about taking tangible actions against the air pollution with over 10 thousand signatures.

As a result, National Security Council held an extended meeting on processing guidance against the air pollution and smog on January 10. The Government set to endorse the plan to reduce air pollution on February 20. The Government has upset the public with its slow implementation process, forcing the NGO to protest once again to hasten the implementation and to re-demand some of the previous articles.

The demand included the unfulfilled requests, such as the publicizing of the report on actions for reducing air pollution for the past 15 years due on January 15. Also, a detailed plan to reduce air pollution by 80 percent before 2018, and statistics of children’s death and sickness rate to be reported on weekly basis.

With the second protest on January 28, the organization is planning to demand immediate implementation of National Security Council’s guidance.