The only monument dedicated to sutra in Mongolia

2018-12-14 14:47:17

Mongolian Shunkhan Danjuur (Mongolian Red Danjuur), a rare sutra in the world and a stone stele monument dedicated to it are being preserved at the National Library of Mongolia.

TheDanjuur or Tengyur (Translation of Treatises), the description ofGanjuur or Kangyur (The Translation of the Word) is volumes of sutras in 10 Buddhist religious science fields. The Great Wisdom Sutra Danjuur comprises of Mongolian, Indian and Tibetan scholars’ 3427 varieties of books that covers numerous fields of science including health, art, music and philosophy.

Mongolian Shunkhan Danjuur was translated into Mongolian in 1741-1742 by a team of 200 translators under the guidance of Janjaa Khutagt Rolbiidorj and Shiree Khutagt Luvsandambiinyam. In 1742-1749, the 226-volume sutra written in red on Chinese papers was printed in Beijing. The sutra has a total of 108 thousand pages in 226 volumes (200-400 in each volume).

First director of the Mongolian Institute of Sutra and Script (now the Institute of Language and Literature) S.Jamiyan and Beis Shirnendamdin agreed with Nayant Wang of Sain Noyon Khan aimag of Khalkha to transfer the sutra from Nayant’s possession to the Institute of Sutra and Script and brought it to Niĭslel Khüree, the capital city in 1924.

Nayant’s message that says “Carve the name of my Danjuur, precious sutra on wood and stone” was reflected in the agreement that was made with him on keeping the sutra in the institute forever. Thus, the institute’s employee named Dendev, created a monument dedicated to the sutra between 1927 and 1956. He learned stone craving in order to make the monument and later said, “I began creating this monument when I was 34 and carved the last 64 words at the age of 64. Thus, the last part might have been carved poorly”. Former director of the National Library G.Akim revealed the monument laying in the library’s yard and placed it in the library. Content of the above mentioned agreement is fully carved on the monument.

One interesting fact about the Stone Stele Monument is that, Mr. Dendev broke the monument just when he was finishing it and started all over again. It was recently said that a part of the broken monument is being kept at Gandan Tegchinlen Monastery.