Queen Consort Dondogdulam’s toortsog with emerald inlay

2019-01-10 17:04:56

Each Mongolian ethnic group has unique clothing culture and kept it for a long period, one of them is a traditional head wear or skull-cap, known in Mongolian as toortsog. Toortsog is made of different materials and designs and the differentiation reflects symbolism and aesthetic aspects of the ethnic groups. 

The toortsog with emerald inlay of Last Queen-Mother of Mongolia and co-ruler of state and religion Dondogdulam is being kept at Bogd Khaan Palace Museum. Decorated with gold, coral, pearl, and emerald, it was made for Queen Dondogdulam by craftsmen of the Bogd Khaan Palace in the early 20th century.

The craftsmen made the toortsog with the outer cover of dark red silk, dividing it into six sides with small-sized pearls and attaching 18 middle-sized pearls with a size of 5 mm in the middle of divided sides. Moreover, on the forehead, emerald has been affixed to the band by being surrounded by 14 diamonds.

Mongolian traditional decorative pattern called Urgamaljin, which symbolizes beauty, attraction, purity and growth, was embroidered with two dragon heads at the end of pattern. The two dragon heads are separated by Lanzan pattern which symbolizes knowledge and intellect. It has a pearl-string knotted final with coral patterns, red silk inside with dark green frame.

A photograph of the Queen wearing this toortsog is also kept in the museum.