“Magnificent heritage- Mongolian embroidery” exhibition opens

2019-02-22 10:52:00

Exhibition themed ‘Magnificent heritage- Mongolian embroidery’ opened today at Bogd Khan Palace Museum. It reveals the history of embroidery, applique, circled stitching and the prodigy of nomadic heritage.

Outstanding works of modern artists and some of precious exhibits of Bogd Khan Museum are displayed at the exhibition being organized for the third year by the ‘Sun of Mandchir’ (Mandchiriin naran) NGO in collaboration with the museum.

A remarkable piece displayed at the exhibition is the applique of the state symbol of Bogd Khanate. The artwork was created by embroiderer Davaasuren who is a disciple of Honored Cultural Figure of Mongolia, renowned embroiderer B.Tsermaa.

Mongolian national needle work is subtle and exquisite, thus requires delicacy and preciseness. If the piece is sewn crookedly or the color harmony and symbolism is disregarded, it loses its uniqueness and originality.

Best works of the exhibition will be announced on March 1. The exhibition will run till March 2 at the Bogd Khan Museum.

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