First digital concept art exhibition opens

2019-04-18 11:39:16

‘The legend’ concept art exhibition by artist B.Telmen opened at Sengeragi art gallery. Digital character design illustrations by the artist are on display.

The first solo exhibition of the artist is also the first digital concept art exhibition to be displayed in Mongolia. The armors, helmets, clothes and accessories of kings and generals of ancient times depicted in the illustrations are based on the archaeological findings and ethnographic studies.

Synch: “What is special about this exhibition is that it features only digital illustrations. The theme of knights was chosen in order to promote the history of the 13th century Mongols to the world. I have been working on 2D illustrations for eight years and on 3D for the last 5-6 years. My last project was ‘Arkhan’ animated film based on the Epic of King Gesar. The animation was created in Ulan-Ude city of Russia. In the future, I wish to promote our national heritage to the world through 3D modelling.”

Of more than 40 illustrations displayed at the exhibition, the most remarkable was the series of the four valiant warriors of Chinggis Khaan Subedei, Zev, Mukhulai and Boorchu. B.Telmen is also the illustrator of the band logo, Hunnu rock logotype and CD cover of ‘The Hu’ band.