Dorjzodba sutra or the Diamond Cutter

2019-07-08 10:19:31

Dorjzodba sutra or the Diamond Cutter is a timeless wisdom, which has been traditionally worshipped in every family. The sutra is an ancient text of conversations between the Buddha and his close disciple Subhuti, when the latter asked Buddha to explain the philosophy behind the Wisdom paramita.

It is mainly about the Buddhist philosophy, specifically the concept of emptiness. According to the Buddhist doctrine of two truths, there are two levels of truth conventional and the ultimate. Dorjzodba sutra is considered one of the most significant sutras of Wisdom paramita, as it explains how to reach the ultimate truth. Dorjzodba is interpreted in various ways. However, in Tibetan ‘dorj’ means stone, ‘j’ means hard, ‘zodba’ means to cut and together it means cutter with hard stone.

When a man is born, he is flawless as diamond, and while growing up, he becomes muddled and impure. At that point, it is believed that chanting the Dorjzodba sutra will demolish the recklessness, leading to the enlightenment.

The silver Dorjzodba with golden inscription was made by Mongolian craftsmen led by smith Dagva in 19th century at Manzushir Monastery. It is a gilded silver relief with wooden frame. According to the Government’s Resolution No. 118 of 2002, it was included in the list of invaluable cultural heritage.