‘Vision - 2050’ policy document presented to President of Mongolia

2020-04-06 12:02:29

 ‘Vision – 2050’ policy document draft was handed over to President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga on April 3. Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat L.Oyun-Erdene and members of the working group to develop the document were present. 

“With main objectives to avoid making the same mistakes in the past three decades and consolidate the previous accomplishments in the next 30 years, the ‘Vision - 2050’ is a complex long-term policy document of Mongolia.” said Mr. Oyun-Erdene. 

When receiving the draft document, President Battulga expressed his confidence that this document will serve as a foundation to achieve fulfillment of more than 500 policy documents approved in the last 30 years, but failed to be accomplished, and thanked for the scholars and working group members of the ‘Vision – 2050’ for their insights. 

The long term development policy of Mongolia has 9 fundamental goals and 50 development targets, which are carefully divided into three groups of actions of 10 years for 2020-2030, 2031-2040, and 2041-2050. ‘A Mongolian’ is the core of this long term development policy, and each target of the policy is eventually aimed at improving the wellness of a Mongolian.