New refined coal plant to be established in Tuv aimag

2020-04-10 12:34:46

A ground-breaking ceremony of a new refined coal plant of Tavan Tolgoi Tulsh Company took place today, on April 9 in Tuv aimag. The eastern region factory, which will commission this November, has annual capacity of 600 thousand tons of refined coal.

The households in Ulaanbaatar city used to consume 1.2 million tons of raw coal a year. However, a refined coal factory in Songinokhairkhan district is providing 600 thousand tons of refined coal for six central districts of the capital city starting from last year.

By establishing the new plant, it will become able to ensure need of 600 thousand tons of fuel for households living in suburban districts such as Gachuurt, Nalaikh, Baganuur and Bagakhangai. In doing so, raw coal consumption will be fully banned in above-mentioned areas and only refined coal will be used for household purpose in whole territory of Ulaanbaatar city.

“A study reveals that 2000-2500 people die a year in Mongolia with illnesses such as flu and cancer caused by air pollution. Therefore, we have talked about reducing air pollution for 20 years. And we are seeing that it is possible to resolve the issue within two years. The Government has made a decision to ban usage of raw coal in Ulaanbaatar city from May, 2019. Providing 22 thousand households with refined fuel is a big issue. Although we faced number of issues when realizing our decision, we did not give up. As a result of it, we could see its results and reduced smoke by 50 percent. With foundation of the new plant, conditions will be created to reduce air pollution by 20-30 percent again,” said Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh during his attendance to the foundation-laying ceremony of the plant.

PM also emphasized that establishing the plant, which will provide 1000-1500 people with jobs, in the territory of Tuv aimag neighboring Nalaikh district and along railway has several advantages. In particular, it is estimated to transport raw material of the refined coal from Tavan Tolgoi by railroad after completion of Zuunbayan-Tavantolgoi railroad as well as to make it easy to transport products manufactured in the plant to the capital city. The Government is also developing a project on reducing air pollution in aimag centers further.