Meeting held with Ambassadors of Mongolia to discuss social security agreement proposal

2022-04-12 15:23:57

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Minister of Labor and Social Protection A.Ariunzaya held a meeting with Ambassador of Mongolia to the Republic of Korea E.Sarantogos, Ambassador to Kuwait P.Sergelen, and Ambassador to Switzerland D.Gerelmaa to provide detailed information on current policy for labor and social protection, activities, and legal reforms concerning the matter. 

In recent years, the number of Mongolian citizens working and studying in foreign countries have been increasing. Thus, in aims of ensuring the social guarantee of Mongolian citizens living abroad, the Government of Mongolia is establishing agreements for cooperation in the social protection sector with countries where a large number of Mongolian citizens reside. 

For instance, the government established cooperation agreements with the following countries:

• with Russia in 1981,
• with South Korea in 2006,
• with Hungary in 2011,
• with Poland and Turkey in 2018,
• and with Czech in 2020. 

Through the agreements, it became possible to include the social insurance contributions of Mongolian expats in the country in the calculation of old-age pension, and to prevent dual coverage. 

Currently, works are being carried out to renew the social protection agreement with Russia, and establish an agreement with Kazakhstan. 

Furthermore, as studies have been conducted on establishing social security agreements with the countries of Sweden, Canada, and the U.S., proposals are being submitted through the Embassies of Mongolia.