Number of Enterprises Exporting Meat to Uzbekistan Increased

2022-12-21 10:23:25

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In the first 10 months of this year, Mongolia has exported 500 tons of meat and by-products to Uzbekistan. During his virtual meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan Voitov Aziz Botirovich, the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia Kh. Bolorchuluun expressed that Mongolia has a breadth of opportunity to increase exports to Uzbekistan in the future.

In December 2022, Uzbekistan granted permission to import meat and meat products to Mongolian nine enterprises. As a result, the number of enterprises that can export to the country has increased to 26.

In 2019, the sides agreed to implement joint projects and programs on the further expansion of cooperation in animal husbandry and veterinary, and relevant veterinary certificates were mutually agreed upon. This opened the possibility of exporting meat and meat products to Uzbekistan.

During the bilateral meeting, the two countries exchanged viewson the development of cooperation in the livestock sector and collaboration within the framework of the project to construct a quarantine zone with a veterinary regimen implemented by the government. In this regard, the representatives of Uzbekistan also demonstrated a willingness to expand imports by establishing a joint farm in Mongolia. For this, the parties reached a consensus that it is effective to cooperate in the " quarantine zone with a veterinary regimen" of the three western provinces of Mongolia.

Enterprises in Mongolia have been introducing the standard Halal Slaughtering Norms in recent years. This creates an opportunity to supply Halal meats and meat to countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Azerbaijan.

During the 2022 SCO summit held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan in September, the Presidents of the two countries met and agreed to establish an intergovernmental commission of Mongolia and Uzbekistan. Accordingly, the first meeting of the intergovernmental commission is planned to be held in Uzbekistan within the first quarter of 2023, chaired by the Ministers of Agriculture of the two countries.