Export of meat and meat products to be intensively augmented

2017-11-29 16:47:13

As of November 2017, Mongolia exported a total of 21.5 thousand tons of meat worth of MNT108 billion to Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Japan, Iran and Qatar, fulfilling its plan 100 percent. However, demand of meat import from Mongolia is still growing. Therefore, the Government intends to augment the export intensively. 

In this regard, Prime Minister U. Khurelsukh, Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Minister B. Batzorig and other officials visited some producers of meat and meat products such as ‘Makh market’ LLC and ‘Makhimpex’ LLC.

‘Makh market’ company’s Export Factory with thermal processing produces 10 tons of steamed meat and one ton of dried meat per day.  As of November 2017, the company exported 1,330 tons of meat and meat products in total. 

From September this year, ‘Makhimpex’ LLC is preparing to export 1,000 tons of lamb to Iran, and 1500 tons of horse meat to China.

The Government is aiming to get over being dependent on mining sector only. Prime Minister Mr U.Khurelsukh pointed out that at first, it is necessary to develop agriculture and farming sectors, to provide domestic needs of meat thoroughly and increase meat export intensively relying on its livestock and meat reserves.

According to the livestock census of 2016, Mongolia has 61.5 million heads of livestock and has a potential to export about 9 million heads of livestock.

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