Books published for children with visual impairment

Society | Education
2016-06-07 18:13:06

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Khan Bank Foundation, the social responsibility implementer of Khan Bank, informed last week that it sponsored and jointly implemented a project to publish “Exotic Animals and Plants” a Braille book to improve the environmental and biological knowledge of visually impaired children, created upon the request of the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind (MNFB).

This new Braille book is one in a series of books written by N.Enkhtaivan. MNFB presented the first edition of the book to 20 students from the 116th special school  as part of Children’s Day celebrations.

The book has been published in two versions which are Braille and ink content, making the text and illustrations available to visually impaired children. The color images and Cyrillic text allow teachers, students, and parents to read along with Braille readers.

Khan Bank Foundation has also sponsored a larger project to publish books in Braille to improve the accessibility of textbooks and books for visually impaired children at special schools and kindergartens in UB, and to expand the Braille selection at the Central Library and libraries in rural areas.

In its dedication to social responsibility, Khan Bank has implemented several projects and programs over the years to support people living with disabilities. Khan Bank organized the “Life is Wonderful” open house event for 300 disabled citizens, hosting an art exhibition with work created by hearing impaired artists, donating educational and medical equipment for children with autism, and making the donation of customized wheelchairs made in Mongolia to five individuals living with disability.

There are about 23,000 citizens living with visual impairment in Mongolia, out of which 7,400 are school-age children. Unfortunately, there is a lack of Braille books available to these children, depriving them of an enriched learning environment and making it difficult for them to acquire an effective general education.