Four more Przewalski horses to settle in Takhiin Steppe

2016-07-22 15:32:42

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In scope of the “Return of Przewalski Horses to Mongolia” project carried out by the Prague Zoo in cooperation with the governments of the Czech Republic and Mongolia, four wild horses were moved from the Khustai National Park to the Steppe of Takhi (Mongolian name for Przewalski’s horse) of Gobi-Altai province on July 21.

During the project implementation since 1992, the Prague Zoo re-introduced more than 20 wild horses to the Khustai Mountains of Mongolia. Four takhis to settle the Takhiin Steppe, are three mares and a stallion. This action was conducted in order to reduce incest among the herds and to improve reproduction and selection of the species.

The transport costs were covered by the Czech government and the Prague Zoo.

Last time, three stallions were localized in the Takhiin Steppe from Khustai, which has been a successful step towards bettering reproduction, noted Ts.Dashpurev, the director of Khustai National Park.

Reintroduction of Takhi began in 1992 by freeing 6 horses to their native habitat – Mongolia, which grew into herds of over 500 Przewalski’s horses as of today.

The Khustai National Park has been serving as a natural incubator for the endangered in the world wild horse species, which had been preserved only in foreign national parks before, for better adaptation to the Gobi desert’s harsh climate conditions.