AASSA organizing scientific conference on green growth here

Society | Education
2016-09-06 16:38:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “Role of Scientific Field in the Green Growth” international scientific conference is being organized on Wednesday in Ulaanbaatar, by the Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA), Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sciences and Sports.

The Association affiliates 34 scientific institutions of more than 30 countries. It was established in 2012 to promote cooperation between scholars and scientists.

The Mongolian Academy of Sciences is an active member of this association, having its president as the member of Board of AASSA.

The scientific conference is to bring together over 60 scholars from Mongolia, South Korea, Russia, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Iran, and will consider 15 scientific papers.