Mongolian journalists and S.Korean diplomats celebrate friendship

2016-10-17 16:43:19

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolian-Korean Friendship Meeting between the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ulaanbaatar took place on Friday at the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. The friendly meeting incorporated promoting of national cuisines and traditional costumes, archery competitions, and quiz named “Who knows Korea best?”.

The event was participated by more than 80 people. President of the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists B.Galaarid handed the Honorary Medal to the diplomatic mission.

Publishing designer of the “Government News” newspaper D.Khulan championed the quiz and was granted Incheon-Ulaanbaatar flight ticket, and the first runner-up – the marketing manager of news website S.Monkhzul was awarded a Busan-Ulaanbaatar ticket.

Grand prizes of the Mongolian traditional archery went to the winner, sports newswriter of MONTSAME D.Ulziisaikhan, the first runner-up, MONTSAME’s cameraman Ch.Gerelt-Od and the second runner-up, editor-in-chief of MONTSAME’s “Khumuun Bichig” newspaper B.Elbegzaya.