Singer S.Amarmandakh’s family, friends call press conference

2016-12-02 15:51:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The chief of the Khar Sarnai (Black Rose) band S.Amarmandakh was beaten up reportedly by a group of Russians on November 22, and is being treated with serious health problems at the National Center for Trauma.

His family, friends along with his advocate made a press briefing today about the heated topic.

S.Amarmandakh’s lawyer G.Batkhuyag said, while noting that he was not allowed to say the name of the suspect, “The case is under investigation. I would like to clarify that the victim did not greet with the Russian embassy officials with saying Hail Hitler, as it was reported through some media. There has been no previous confrontation between the victim and the suspect”.

However, there have been change of inspectors and reluctancy in medico-legal expertise procedures since the case has been filed, he added.

The victim’s friend singer B.Lkhagvasuren from The Suns band said “The incident where my friend was beaten up and injured happened in the evening of November 22. Amraa (S.Amarmandakh’s nickname) sang “I am a Mongolian”, “Wish you happiness” and “Beautiful Mongolian Woman” songs, and was wearing his traditional costume with swastika on it during the Happy Ulaanbaatar event, held at ONE EVENT HALL. On his way out from the event, a bearded man with white shirt beat Amraa’s head with a metal from the back and knocked him out. The bearded man was finally stopped by a waiter, who put him to the floor. The incident was recorded in the security camera. The suspect is being investigated. I am making this public explanation because there has been provocative media coverage about it, mainly raising questions about Mongolian-Russian friendship. I would like to ask Mongolians to be patient until the investigations are wrapped up”.

Amraa’s father S.Sukhbaatar said “I am really beside myself. My son was barely recognizable for the past ten days. At first, I did not recognize my son, Amarmandakh, whom you all know. I know about diplomacy. That ruffian mutilated my son from the point of his personal view. Thanks to the trauma center’s doctors, my son has been able to look like a human again. I put all my hope in our law enforcement to settle the justice”.

During the press conference, the security camera recordings were shown to the reporters.

The other member of Khar Sarnai, B.Bayarjargal said in the end that S.Amarmandakh has graduated from the 23rd school, which was then a Russian taught school. “He has deep respect for Russian culture and people. He must not have said anything disrespectful about Russia. I only wish that the law enforcement would solve the case without any further damage to the interactions with the Russian Embassy or the two countries' relations”, he concluded.