National University of Mongolia hosts scientific conference on Russian Studies

2016-12-05 18:40:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The School of International Relations and Public Administration (formerly the School of Foreign Service) of the National University of Mongolia organized today a scientific conference themed “Russian Studies: Pressing problems and future perspectives”, on occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment and the 95th jubilee of establishing Mongolia-Russia diplomatic ties.

The opening remarks were given by the NUM rector R.Bat-Erdene, director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture G.E.Mikhailov and cultural attache of the Russian Embassy in Ulaanbaatar E.O.Sazonova.

Rector R.Bat-Erdene highlighted that the university has been attaching greater importance to the Russian studies and intends to set up a Russian studies department on the second floor of the new NUM library being commissioned within this academic year. He said “Although the research and studies on Russia, one of our great neighbors, is crucial to Mongolia, our circle of scientists and academics who have deep connectionы with Russian studies remains narrowl”, and added that the first university of Mongolia will be the pioneer on promoting this field of study.

Mr Mikhailov briefly touched upon the heated incident where a famous Mongolian singer was beaten up by a Russian official and said the Ambassador I.K.Azizov asked him to convey that the embassy has also been investigating within itself to help deliver justice to the victimized side.

The keynote speakers included Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Director of Diplomatic Academy of Mongolia Kh.Bekhbat, deputy director of the Department of Neighboring Countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs D.Khasar, curator of the Global Policy Branch of the Institute of International Relations of the Academy of Sciences D.Altai, director of Russian Language Center of the Russian Center for Science and Culture T.Ch.Budaeva, researcher from the International Relations Institute Ts.Altangerel, Russian language professor of the SIRPA Ts.Sarantsatsral, professors S.Enkhtsetseg and B.Sanjmyatav, doctoral candidate of the SIRPA S.S.Bezrukov.

The participants touched upon the current level of Russian studies in Mongolia, Mongolia-Russia relations in the 21st century, the stance of former Soviet Union during the candidacy of Mongolia to the United Nations, Mongolia-Russia-China integration issues, promoting Mongolia-Russia economic cooperation, public and social administration over the education in Russia in context of contemporary Russian studies, motivation to learning Russian language, results of a study among Russian language students, literature ties of Mongolia and Russia and the special features of political speech in contemporary Russian language.

The participants agreed on the importance of modernizing the methodologies of Russian studies, for example, through avoiding the traditional methods of approaching each other as ancient neighbors and brother nations and enriching the content of the field studies with practical situations of the present.