Cyrillic script monument to be built in Antarctica

2017-01-07 17:00:25

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The erection of a Cyrillic script monument on joint Mongolian-Bulgarian base on Antarctica is the one of the important projects of the 25th Bulgarian research expedition in Antarctica in 2017.

The monument that stands at 2.3 meters and weighs 100 kg is now almost complete and was built with high-quality material to withstand harsh Antarctic weather and to pose a minimum risk to the environment.

Recently, the Embassy of Mongolia in Sofia hosted a news conference with Bulgarian prominent archaeologist Nikolay Ovcharov and Mongolian Ambassador to Sofia Lkhamsuren Dugerjav as well as and Mladen Stanev who designed the monument and members of the Mongolia-Bulgaria Friendship Society in attendance. An idea to erect the monument is initiated by Mongolian Ambassador to Bulgaria L.Dugerjav and Bulgarian scientists.

The Cyrillic writing to be placed in Antarctica has a long history as cooperation between Mongolia and Bulgaria on Antarctic research started ten years ago. A similar Cyrillic writing monument was erected in Ulaanbaatar city last year. Mr. Ovcharov thanked Ambassador L.Dugerjav and the authority of Khan-Uul District of Ulaanbaatar city for their comprehensive support on building the monument in UB. He highlighted that many people also donated money for building the monument to be erected in Antarctica and expressed gratitude for them.

Ambassador Mr. Dugerjav informed about two Mongolian engineers D.Tuvshinbayar and Kh.Bayaraa, who are taking part in 25th Bulgarian scientific research team on the continent. They will be working for other projects to establish Mongolian base and setting-up weather station on Antarctica and will be attending Bulgarian international projects on Antarctica research. Mongolian scientists have been participating in the Bulgarian expedition at the base since then.

The monument is to be placed at the Sofia University in Bulgaria for public display before being transported to Antarctica on January 15 and will be erected on Antarctica within this year.