Samsung Medical Center delegates work in Mongolia

2017-01-23 16:22:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On January 23, D.Ochirbat, State Secretary of Ministry of Health received a delegation of Samsung Medical Center of the Republic of Korea.

At the meeting, Lee Sang Chol, director of International Health Service Samsung Medical Center thanked the State Secretary for receiving them and informed that Mongolia and the Republic of Korea have been cooperating in health sector in accordance with a memorandum of cooperation signed between Health Ministry of Mongolia and Samsung Medical Center in 2011 and a memorandum of cooperation established with Health Development Center of Mongolia in 2013.

In turn, State Secretary, D.Ochirbat expressed gratitude to the Samsung Medical Center for cooperating on strengthening the capacity of human resources in health sector, training Mongolian medical doctors in South Korea and rendering medical services since 2011. He then mentioned about the possibility continuing the collaboration in the future by exchanging views with the relevant reciprocal health departments, Health Development Center and other organizations. He expressed his support for the cooperation between the Samsung Medical Center and the National Cancer Center of Mongolia.

Afterwards, Lee Sang Chol noted that 68 Mongolian medical staff were trained by a grant aid from South Korea in 2012 and 48 Mongolian medical specialists were involved in scholarship program of the Government of Mongolia and studied at the Samsung Medical Center. He then confirmed his willingness to carry-on the cooperation in the future.   

Noting that doctors and specialists of the Samsung Medical center are planning to arrive in Mongolia, July 2017 to carry-out diagnosis and examination with Mongolian doctors, the Director of International Health Service Samsung Medical Center asked the Health Ministry to promote on the their activities.