Issues of heat energy and water supply of Darkhan-Uul discussed

2017-01-31 14:06:34

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A conference on present situation and future goals of heat energy and water supply system of Darkhan-Uul aimag took place on January 27 in Darkhan city.

In his opening speech at the conference, S.Nasanbat, Governor of Darkhan-Uul province said “Construction of heat energy and engineering system of the province is facing challenges as it has been used for a long time and lifecycle of its equipment is already finished. Therefore, renovation with modern advanced comprehensive technologies is needed for its engineering infrastructures and system. Since the financial resources is the most important issue, today, we are discussing issues on financing, responsibility and public and private cooperation in this regard”.

‘Darkhan Us Suvag’ Company has started using a telemeter on water loss. As a result of installing water metering at basements in the apartments, clean water loss peaked at 38 percent has been reduced to 18 percent.

Also, the company renewed 75 percent of its water pumping equipment in 2011 with non-refundable loan from the government of Japan. P.Ariundalai, Director of the ‘Darkhan Us Suvag’ company said "We are seeking for other services and technology to introduce by next year”.

The conference was attended by authorities of the Ministries of Energy and Construction and Urban Development, representatives of state-run heat and electricity supply companies and governors of the province. Darkhan-Uul province has over 110 thousand population, of which 98 thousand lives in the central area of the province.