National air pollution reduction program to be implemented

2017-02-01 14:15:45

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Prime Minister J.Erdenebat has approved an order to establish a working group responsible for the implementation of the recommendation on "Air pollution of Ulaanbaatar city" by the National Security Council.

The working group is composed of Governor of the Capital and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar city, state secretaries of all ministries and heads of relevant agencies. The head of the working group, D.Oyunkhorol, Minister of Environment and Tourism presented about the arrangements carried-out by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to the Prime Minister on January 31.

The working group had finished formulating a draft of the “National Program to reduce air pollution”, which will be implemented in two stages, short /2017-2018/ and mid /2018-2021/ terms.

The program envisages cessation of raw coal consumption of households and public entities, decreasing the number of air polluting sources by 80 percent and reducing the amount of particles and sulfur dioxides in the air by 50 percent.

The Environment Minister continued to say "Currently, the working group is conducting a research with a view to establish “Information center for eco-friendly technologies” in Bayanzurkh, Sukhbaatar and Chingeltei districts to promote advanced technologies decrease air pollution to the public".  

Also, in pursuance to a direction of the Prime Minister, the working group has been drawing up amendments to corresponding laws and taking public suggestions online in order to indicate the responsibilities concerning environmental protection, air pollution reduction and rehabilitation and increase public participation, apart from a bill on establishing a fund against air pollution. 

From February 1, air pollution monitoring will be organized in Ger district areas to examine the burning wastes of households below the poverty level.